February 4, 2023

Ok, start of a new experiment. From the clear fail of February’s write everyday comes the OJ, aka the open journal. What the hell is it? Some of the ingredients:

  • Daily log.
  • not hidden, but unlisted.
  • Unrefined.
  • Free-flow.
  • No title.
  • Append as I go.

The practice is to write. The hypothesis is that even unlisted on the blog, I will still get the rush from posting. It will also be something I can link to from main page posts. Any content that might be something is surface-able. Going after perfect is the enemy of the good, and anything is good enough.

Need to first setup the homepage, rss and actual 🍊 OJ page on the blog. Know how to do it, must not get distracted on the (lack of) elegance of the setup.

Haven’t figured out how to do the mobile part. Desktop is easy with Obsidian.

Some unanswered questions:

  • Why this and not Mastodon?
  • Why this and not status.lol?
  • Why unlisted? Is not like many people visit or care.


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