May 11, 2023

New Mastodon Onboarding Experience

Eugen Rochko, on Mastodon Blog:

We believe it’s important for Mastodon to be good as a product on its own merits, and not just because of its ideology. If we only attract people who already care about decentralization, our ability to make decentralization mainstream becomes that much harder.

In the context of Bluesky recent rise, I thinks this specially great news. For some (like me), the decentralization of Mastodon is a feature, but for many many more, it’s a horrible bug. Making onboarding simpler is required for those of us what want Mastodon to continue to grow.

We’re always listening to the community and we’re excited to bring you some of the most requested features, such as quote posts, improved content and profile search, and groups.

Actually the most interesting part of the post for me — quote posts are a big deal in social, and I think an implementation will make it more fun for everyone.


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