February 24, 2024

2024 Coffee Daily Driver

A bunch of stuff arrived of the past few months to justify sharing a new coffee daily driver setup. I’ve been looking forward to these for most of last year, and I’m very happy with the results.

My new approved corner in the kitchen.My new approved corner in the kitchen.

TIMEMORE Sculptor 064 Grinder

Finally arrived earlier this year after a long Kickstarter wait. Was worried for a while after using my Dad’s Fellow Opus, but those concerns are now gone. I really love the design and build quality. For my AeroPress, Pour Over and (no press) French Press needs, it works great. Big quality of life improvement from my manual 1Zpresso JX

NanoFoamer PRO

Another delayed and recently received Kickstarter. I’ve had all Subminimal NanoFoamer products, and this one finally delivers of the promise of amazing milk foam without much fuzz. I’m very curious about the upcoming Meticulous Milk Steamer, but for now, I think this is the best you can get — save for the the real thing.

AeroPress Clear

Meh. Got his for the novelty of the clear AeroPress and because my original AeroPress lettering was all gone. Works fine, but the details are a bit off, and it’s more expensive.

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap (original)

Crap. Only reason I use it is because the Clear AeroPress doesn’t fit the Fellow Prismo, but it’s worst in every way. Looks like there’s an updated version which fixes most of the complaints, I’ll give a try at some point.

PYREX Heavy Duty Griffin 1003 400mL Beaker

The best carafe for AeroPress hands-down. Cheap, tough, small — been using it for years, and still have no better alternative. Get a nicer one for when you have people over, but this is your daily driver.

Fino 1L Kettle

It has almost doubled in price in the 6 years I’ve had it (still a reasonable $40), but every time I attempt to replace it, I end coming back to it. It’s minimal has survived daily use without one spot of rust. Size is perfect for our use. I widened the hole a bit an use a Target thermometer.

RACK for AeroPress

Build quality is atrocious (it leans to a side), but extremely convenient way to store the AeroPress when not in use.

Monty Milk Art Cups Latte 11 oz.

Got this at on a sale, and enjoy them. Sadly Ana is not crazy about the weight, so she prefers our brown glass set, which — even sadder — only one cup is left.

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