July 8, 2024

A Mouse Tale

During the WFH pandemic months, I bought to the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse and it’s been my default mouse ever since. I absolutely love the size and shape. I even bought its simpler version, the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse for the office.

The Surface Precision does have a rubberized thumb-rest that tends to flake over time. That, and the medieval micro-usb charger had me wishing/hoping for an updated version over the last year. Sadly, has there been no update, but the mouse itself has been discontinued with the cancelation of Microsoft accessories.

Keychron M6, Magic Mouse and MS Surface PrecisionKeychron M6, Magic Mouse and MS Surface Precision

I went on a shopping walkabout and settled on the Keychron M6 mouse. I use their keyboards at home and in the office, and high hopes. But the quality isn’t there. The M6 has a nice shape — very similar to the Logitech MX3, but it’s extremely plasticky. The actual deal-breaker has been that it doesn’t work reliably on my home-office glass-top desk.

No problem, I’ll purchase another Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse , which has the same form factor I love. While it uses replaceable batteries and only has smooth scrolling (not detent/smooth selection), it’s good enough to hold me for a while. No dice.

The Incase Designed by Microsoft relaunch of some of the keyboard and mouse lineup is still nowhere to be seen. Even worse, the remaining stock of the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is selling for around $69. At the original $25 it was a steal, but it’s not worth anything above $40.

What to do? I tried using my magic mouse and magic trackpad. But sadly, both leave my wrist in pain at the end of the day. Even tried an adaptor for the magic mouse to raise its profile — something I really wanted to like. But it still was too flat, and let me hurting.

After playing with the Signature M650 Large at a store, I want ahead and purchased the Lenovo Professional Bluetooth Rechargeable Mouse. It has the right price ($29), and a good enough shape it seems. Hopefully I’ll get it this week and will test it a few days.

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