July 1, 2017

Baby Driver is a fun and exciting ride with a soundtrack that has so much character, it’s borderline a musical.

Highly recommended.

June 28, 2017

The new Hulu AppleTV app is so bad, it finally pushed us to cancel subscription (and we do watch a few shows).

June 27, 2017

» The Secret Lives of Playlists

For all of its talk about prioritizing discovery” and knowing your tastes” […], what Spotify feeds to Browse and pushes to Discover is influenced largely by whether an artist already has a massive marketing campaign and corporate push behind them.

I’ve been using Google Play Music — instead of Spotify — for the last few weeks1, and I’m amazed with how much I enjoy the playlists.

Initially I thought it was a bit of placebo effect, but I’m now sure there’s some magic — or less influential marketing campaign — workings with Google Music Play’s playlists.

Seriously considering switching over from Spotify. Plus, the YouTube Red value of not showing commercials is great.

  1. Taking advantage if the YouTube Red trial.

June 27, 2017

» Parenting : Who is it really for?

[…] I realized that the parenting things I do for him are also for myself. And that’s an idea worth sharing.

I’ve re-read this blogpost a few times today. It has made question a few things and start doing others differently. Can’t think of a higher praise for something you read.

June 27, 2017

» Day One Goes Premium

This week we’re releasing the Day One Premium subscription service. It includes the ability to create more than ten journals and access all future premium features.

Not crazy about adding yet-another-subscription-service to my budget. But this is the new model for software companies, and I’m happy my favorite apps can find a way to exist1.

  1. 1Password being another example.

June 26, 2017

» How The iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs

On the iPhone’s 10th birthday, former Apple executives Scott Forstall, Tony Fadell and Greg Christie recount the arduous process of turning Steve Jobs’s vision into one of the best-selling products ever made.

A cool new software keyboard development story from Forstall to add to the folklore. The rest I’ve read before, but still fun to see each of them telling the stories.

June 25, 2017

» The Last Mile for the iPad

7 years after the iPad release, some of us are still trying to parse out if it is a real computer. I, for one, have given up.

Great points of the rough edges that become apparent when you seriously try to use the iPad as your main computer.

While some are deal breakers right now, I think the iterative polish iOS will continue to get will address them eventually.

However, the lack of sustainable model for big iPad Apps is worrisome. This is likely a chicken and egg problem which Apple believes will improve once more pro Mac users pick up an iPad as a pro device and the demand appears. But for now, I strongly believe his gut feelings:

From the outside, it looks like the Mac is a platform to build a business on and iOS is the place to sell your passion products.

June 22, 2017

» Ron Howard signed up to direct Star Wars spin-off Han Solo movie

The Da Vinci Code’s Ron Howard has replaced The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller as director of the Han Solo spin-off movie, the much-anticipated new instalment of the Star Wars standalone series.

It’s seems Disney is not afraid to change directions if not happy with how a movie looks. Can’t complain.

June 22, 2017

» John Markoff interviews iPhone team members

Museum Historian John Markoff moderates a discussion with former iPhone team members Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, followed by a conversation with Scott Forstall.

Finally saw the video last night, and it’s so good 1. Amazing insights and fun stories from hardware and software.

A few random thoughts:

  • Loved the fellowship between the first speakers.
  • When a questions was above their pay grade, none flinched before not answering.
  • Scott Herz is hilarious
  • Favorite moment is when Scott Herz says that he’d like a better text selection method on iOS. Here, here.
  • Scott Forstall personality feels acted. But I get the impression he’s a really smart person that gets into normal mode character to be able to communicate.

Very recommended.

  1. I watched it on the Facebook link, and was so happy when CHM posted it on YouTube. Say what you will, but Google is the lesser of two evils.

June 21, 2017

OS Developer Beta’s are the marshmallow test for grownup geeks.

June 21, 2017

After watching a couple of times, I still tear-up with this ad:

June 20, 2017

» Is group chat making you sweat?

Jason Fried:

Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda.

Forgive me @channel, for I have sinned.

As one of the main proponents of adopting Slack at my organization at the start of the year, I have mixed feelings with the results.

On one had, I do believe that it has been an improvement of the Skype free-for-all party that was the norm. It’s now easier to have an idea of what is happening on multiple remote teams 1. Sharing is also way easier on Slack and, there’s more IT oversight over accounts and users — at least versus Skype.

However, how much better it is compared to just having clearer rules on Google Hangouts (which we have with our G-Suite account), is debatable. The Slack app itself is a much better experience, and the integrations are plain fun.

But just like social networks, there’s something to be said about these services need to grab attention. The fact that they feel like work, should make us even more suspicious.

  1. Main office plus 2 outsourced teams in San José, Costa Rica, and my office in Miami.

June 20, 2017

»  Stephen King Comic: The desk

Stephen King stars in the The Desk’, adapted from his wonderful book On Writing.

Great comic from a passage of the even greater On Writing book.

June 15, 2017

Didn’t know that Github could render CSVs, this could be useful. Link

June 15, 2017

» iPad Pro 2017 versus MacBook Pro 2017

Barefeats comparing the new iPad Pro’s to new MacBook Pro’s:

The top configured 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch costs roughly 3 times more than the top configured 2017 iPad Pro. Yet the laptop is only slightly faster running CPU intensive apps and slower running the GPU intensive apps.

As he says in the conclusion:

I am not implying that the iPad Pro can replace the MacBook Pro. They are two different animals, though there is clearly some overlap in capability. It’s just encouraging to know that the iPad Pro development has brought it up to laptop level performance.

The tablet vs laptop overlap has arrived. There’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all answer, but after iOS 11, the iPad Pro vs Macbook consideration will not be for early adopters anymore.