Dave Winer on GitHub:

GitHub is what we want it to be, quiet, out of the way, taken for granted, there when we need it, a constant and dependable option.

Exactly how I feel. It’s not the end of the world if Microsoft buys GitHub, but it’ll stop being the stoic neutral observer we’ve enjoyed.

2018-06-01 After the birth of my children – and tied with my wedding – this is the happiest day of my life. Shared my first pizza with Robie completely out of his request.After the birth of my children – and tied with my wedding – this is the happiest day of my life. Shared my first pizza with Robie completely out of his request. microblog

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Spoiler free. This movie has grown on me since watching it with my office friends last night. It’s not a great movie, but it’s a solid Star Wars story — which is exactly what it says in the title.

I should preface any Star Wars comment with a borrowed stance from John Siracusa on the topic:

I prefer to live in an universe where there’s a Star Wars movie every year, rather than the alternative of just having the three original movies exist.

Even with this lowered bar, I haven’t been an instant fan of the new ones. I did enjoy Rogue One a lot, even with its weird plot moments.

If Rogue One had some big ups and downs, Solo is flatter. Which isn’t a bad thing. While I did laugh out loud in Rogue One a lot, I mostly smiled throughout Solo. Yet the movie felt more consistent.

All the characters that we know from the original trilogy — including the Millennium Falcon — were familiar and recognizable. Naturally different enough since they’re younger, but similar without being an imitation of the original performance.

Just after leaving the theater, I wondered if this was a movie for average Star Wars fans, but after playing it back in my mind it’s quite the opposite. There’s so many references to the expanded universe that I didn’t recognize most. Even some references to the original movies flew over my head.

I had fun during the movie and thinking about how it expands the Star Wars universe in my head-cannon afterwards. And that’s good enough for me.


Great article by Ernie Smith on the history of MacOS X interface skins for Windows. I wasted so much time with WindowBlinds, LiteStep and other software customizing Windows XP.


The Weather Channel stopped publishing video on Facebook

Neil Katz, global head of content and engagement at The Weather Channel:

We went along for the ride every single step of the way. But we noticed, over the course of two years, that we were being paid in all types of currencies — followers, shares, views — that did not feel like money.

Just like casinos, Facebook prints its own money — and the house never loses.


Castro 3 released

My favorite podcast player has a big 3.0 released today. It has a bunch of new stuff, but three features stand out for me:

  • Redesigned player screen: I really disliked the previous one. After just a few minutes this one feels very natural.
  • Trim Silence: Missed this from Overcast. Sounds great and the counter of time trimmed in the player is perfect.
  • Airplay Control from player screen: I hope this becomes less important on iOS 12, but for now is a great shortcut over the terrible hack of selecting AirPods as the sound output in Control Center.

Castro is free with a $9 per year subscription for advanced features. Totally worth it for my podcast use.


H G Wells interview of Stalin

Stalin in 1934:

You, Mr Wells, evidently start out with the assumption that all men are good. I, however, do not forget that there are many wicked men. I do not believe in the goodness of the bourgeoisie. ​

Amazing interview/conversation. Tomorrow’s fake election in Venezuela is playing with my feelings, but I’d never heard Stalin’s voice in my head and glimpsed at his persona as clearly as in this article.


News of Note for 2018W20

YouTube Music is the new(est) Google music service. Email encryption might be broken. Google Duplex is cool vaporware, but they kinda implied it was a product. WhatsApp updated groups features still doesn’t let you mute unless mentioned. A rumored lower cost Microsoft tablet is coming, that only took 10 years.


As always, Michael Tsai summary is the best quick overview of Twitter’s idiotic plans.

I’ll let others cleverly debate why Twitter is going down this path — my take is that its management no longer uses the service — but the writing is on the wall: 3rd party Twitter clients are going away, and I’m probably going with it.

Instagram is my best evidence to support this warning. The introduction of the algorithmic feed mostly coincides with my decrease in use. Since Instagram never exposed an API, there’s no InstaBot, but I’d like to think that a paid app that still used the regular chronological feed would have kept me more engaged in the service.

Other than complaining, what I’m going to do? Post more on my blog. Still debating if I’m moving to micro.blog or staying with blot.im, and if I’ll use roberto.mateu.me or keep old faithful 5typos.net as the domain.

But I like to think we’re at the start of a pendulum swing. While overall trend is for centralized platforms, we can make the case of standards. Not everyone needs to host their own blog, but there’s no reason that a micro post” on WordPress.com, another from Micro.blog and any other platform can’t appear on the same feed easily.


Not crazy about the new icon, but Tweetbot for Mac could put an 8-bit clown as an icon and I’d still update. Love surprise Mac app releases.


Giving 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson a try. Was recommended by my uncle — with whom I usually have philosophical sparring matches. Hope I can keep an open mind.


Running SublimeText on ChromeOS sounds very interesting to me. And the cost of hardware to develop apps on Android is going to be a fraction than iOS with Chromebooks.


When you had a shitty day, the iOS keyboard sucks at journaling. I don’t mean ducking you piece of PG-13 muerda (for both Spanish and English).


Arrested Development can do no wrong, but the style of Season 4 required a bit of extra effort. The remix will be fun to watch.


Trying new SousVide burgers recipe: still main rule is to manage meat as little as possible.