March 30, 2016

Homescreen 2 folder iconography

My Home Screen 2My Home Screen 2

How to organize apps and folders is an ongoing experiment of mine. After 6 years, I have more or less a stable solution for the second home screen.

You’ll notice that I use symbols to name folders. For some reason it makes classifying and finding apps easier:

  • ⌘ System: Anything that can be filed as utilities or tools.
  • ⚑ Location: Parkings apps, OpenTable, etc.
  •  Apple: Default apps.
  • 🍼 Baby: You guessed it, Robie related.
  • ▶︎ Media: Audio, video, etc.
  • ♣︎ Games: Bang, bang.
  • ☗ Home: Roku/Apple TV, weather, plane finder.
  • ▲ Cooking: The triangle means heat in my head.
  • ⦁ Photography: It’s like a camera lens!
  • ☁︎ Cloud: Web services.
  • ❝ Writing: Please quote me.
  • ✈︎ Travel: Getting there is half the apps.
  • ‰ Finance: Banks and anything that has my money.
  • $ Stores: Everything that wants my money.
  • ◍ Web: Browsers and other web apps.
  • 🄰🄿 Aeropost: My job.
  • ☍ Social: Lets connect.

Any other app left outside is something I’m playing with but hasn’t found a place in the main screen1 or any of the folders.

  1. I’m cheating a little bit because Launch Center Pro is in my main screen.↩︎

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