August 4, 2019

AMD Sold 79% of All CPUs in German Online Store for July

Darren Allan, writing for

In June, AMDs overall market share was 68% at Mindfactory, so the increase to 79% represents a big jump, and the highest proportion of sales achieved by the company this year by a long way.

To put this in a plainer fashion, for every single processor sold by Intel, AMD sold four.

This is just one retailer, but this sort of mindshare — and Intel’s inability to jump ahead, creates a market inertia that must really be worrying Intel.

August 2, 2019

Facebook to Add Its Name to Instagram, WhatsApp

Alex Heath on

The social network will rebrand the apps to Instagram from Facebook” and WhatsApp from Facebook,” the people said.

Good news. This will hopefully make it easier to convince friends and family to move to Signal — or at worst, Telegram.

July 31, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 31

  • Uber laying off around 400 people from marketing sounds like a lot. s
  • Google shares more Pixel 4 details: face unlock and Motion Sense (hand gestures).
July 31, 2019

Fast Software, the Best Software

Craig Mod s wonderful essay on software speed:

But why is slow bad? Fast software is not always good software, but slow software is rarely able to rise to greatness.

​A good reminder for those of us building software that we can’t just take the supercomputing power available in our pockets and laps for granted. Software will just not be as fast as it needs to be. It takes work.

Speed as a proxy for efficiency. If a piece of software is becoming taurine-esque, unwieldy, then perhaps it shouldn’t be a single piece of software. Ultimately, to be fast is to be light. And to be light is to lessen the burden on someone or some task.

Additionally, what a great written piece. ​

July 26, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 301

  • Symfonisk series reviews are out and they are good: pure Ikea on the outside and pure Sonos on the inside — and the price is somewhere in between.
  • Lockdown is an interesting open source on-device firewall for iOS. I’m happy this is an emerging category.
  • Having seen some low end Android phones struggle with memory and storage, the lightweight Gallery Go version of Google Photos is interesting.
  • The new Slack Desktop app supposedly will use 50 percent less RAM. Curious if they’ll use Catalyst for the Mac app in the future.

  1. I’m switching from ISO to Unicode week numbers — one counts from first Thursday of the year and the other from Sunday. So jumping ahead to week 30, which is also week 29… no wait. Anyways, for future reference, this is why week numbers don’t match.

July 26, 2019

Leaker suggests WhatsApp for iPad and Mac in the works

Ben Lovejoy on

Handling end-to-end encryption on multiple devices is tricky, as the message is encrypted on the device itself. Apple has a solution for its Messages service, which is also end-to-end encrypted. Instead of a single public key used to identify you to other chat participants, Apple uses a cluster of these: one per device. WhatsApp will likely take the same approach.

There is a slightly increased security risk with this approach, in that a new device could join a chat if it had access to the public key. This is why Apple sends a message to all participants whenever a new device is added to a chat.

Emphasis mine. Not sure how I feel about this new feature yet. On one hand, I would really like the convenience of sending stuff from the iPad, but given the added security risk — it sounds like a spoiled whim. The current desktop implementation works well enough, and it’s inherently safer. Will keep an eye out for a better explanation of what’s sacrificed.

July 26, 2019

Surrendering curation and promotion

Seth Godin, on his blog:

The platforms are built on the idea that the audience plus the algorithm do all the deciding. No curation, no real promotion, simply the system, grinding away.

I feel this way about recommendations on YouTube, Amazon, and even the App Store. There’s no zeal of quality that truly feels trustworthy.

July 25, 2019

Apple to acquire Intel’s smartphone modem business


Apple and Intel have signed an agreement for Apple to acquire the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business. Approximately 2,200 Intel employees will join Apple, along with intellectual property, equipment and leases. The transaction, valued at $1 billion, is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2019 […]

Very rumored and not unexpected. Given how critical modems are for smartphones, I’m sure there’s a story about a big project fail inside Apple that led to this.

July 20, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 28

  • The Expanse S04 will be available on Amazon on December 13th. My Prime subscription at work.
  • The redesigned new on Desktop seems like an improvement. Lists are exponentially more accessible, which I count as a win.
July 16, 2019

Nestle Finds New Way to Make Chocolate Without Adding Sugar

Corinne Gretler on

This fall in Japan, Nestle will start selling KitKat bars with 70% dark chocolate under the new recipe, which doesn’t include any added sugar […]

Wanna try it and would pay more for it — a winner product already.

July 16, 2019

HBO to Air Epic Mini-Series From The Earth To The Moon’ Ahead of Blu-ray Release

Scott Snowden on

The standard-definition visual effects from the original 1998 release have been replaced with modern computer-generated imagery (C.G.I.) based on reference models from NASA […]

Yep, I’m rewatching this ASAP.

July 16, 2019

Apple to Fund Original Podcasts

Lucas Shaw and Mark Gurman on

Apple Inc. plans to fund original podcasts that would be exclusive to its audio service, according to people familiar with the matter, increasing its investment in the industry to keep competitors Spotify and Stitcher at bay.

This is an audio exclusive content. Which is great and I will probably listen to. But, I’ll be the old man shouting:

If it doesn’t have a RSS feed, it is not a podcast.

July 10, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 27

  • Fun fake adverts as if the iPhone had been around since 1984.
  • Great concept of a sticker for MacBooks, where you place your geek stickers — making it easy to remove for selling and keep a memory of your sticker creed.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite in September. No TV connection or detachable controls for $199, which sounds like a great compromise for younger gamers — or those in a budget.
  • Dropbox Transfer for sending up to 100GB. Sounds like the old school Dropbox stuff, not for me anymore but I like.
  • Seems Apple Pencil tech keeps arriving showing up on third parties pens. The Adonit Note is another cheap(er) alternative, which is great news.
July 10, 2019

Third parties confirm AMDs outstanding Ryzen 3000 numbers

Jim Salter on

With the Ryzen 3000 series, this dynamic changes. AMDs new 7nm process technology allows it to ramp up the performance to challenge Intel’s higher-end lineup without veering into power consumption profiles that look more like a welder than a CPU, and it’s already shipping the CPUs retail.

The noise of better performance and price from AMDs lineup agains Intel’s started in E3. Seems it wasn’t just marketing, but an actual win. Is this a new close-race? or is AMD overtaking a sluggish Intel and will start kicking them while down?

Seems like a good time to transition to ARMs performance/cost S-curve.

July 5, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 26

  • Check your Mac for that aren’t 64-bit with Go64. I’m going to be recommending this app a lot over the summer.
  • Wavēy is great set of wallpapers for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • Note taking rabbit whole took me to down the sub-world of e-ink notebooks. Good overview video of the best options.
  • Vinland Saga Anime coming to Amazon Prime. I’m enjoying the manga a lot, so will take a look.